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Interview with vocalist Ed McRae
and guitarist Stuart Paice

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conversation with Ed McRae and Stuart Paice

Heavy Metal Reviews

YOUR DEMISE are back with their third record „The Golden Age“. It is the second one to feature Ed McRae on vocals. It shows a far more melodic side of the Brits which once fuelled moshpits with aggressive anthems such as Burnt Tongues or The Blood Stays On The Blade. McRae and guitarist Stuart Paice answer some questions about their new output “The Golden Age”, life on the road and what they do besides the band.

Cologne today is the first show of your European tour. Are you excited for this?

SP: Yeah, it’s the first show, so you’re always excited. You’ve always got a lot to sort out.

Is today’s show sold out?

SP: Pretty much. 275 of 300 tickets are sold.

The new record, “The Golden Age” is a lot different than the previous ones. Where did you get the confidence to do something very different?

EM: Fuck it! We just wrote the record we wanted to write and just hope that people like it.

SP: We did not dismiss anything. If we thought a particular idea is cool than we used it and didn’t think too much about what people might think of it.

These Lights is the new single, a fine pop punk song. What were the reactions like?

SP: Weird! Some very good, some…

EM: Some not so good. But we don’t care about it, honestly.

SP: Kids are talking about it and I think some kids are just talking about it to get a reaction.

EM: And at the UK shows kids liked the new stuff.

There are many guest vocalists featured on “The Golden Age”. How did that come? Had you someone particular in mind while writing the song?

SP: No, we just asked our friends if they wanted to be part of it. Some really wanted to be on the record.

Were there any singers you’ve asked who did not want to be on your record or did not have the time to contribute something to it?

EM: Of course. You can’t have everyone you wanted.

SP: Some of them are living in America, so it’s hard to get them into a studio and send their stuff to us. But it worked out very well.

EM: We’ve got Jason from TERROR and DOWN FROM NOTHING on it. Fame! (laughs)

Who is your favourite guest vocalist?

EM: Oh, that’s hard to say. It’s like picking your favourite child. That’s hard, I’d say everyone. They are all good and they do their bit.

And what was the songwriting like? Obviously it’s very different than usually.

SP: Easy. The songwriting went very quickly. And the production was cool as well. We were most prepared. Because it went to well, at the end we were like ‘That’s it?’. We recorded with Matty O’Grady, who had done the YOU ME AT SIX record.

You’ve also been part of a BBC session. How did it come to this? In Germany you don’t hear a lot of hardcore in the radio.

SP: In the UK it’s more crossover. And we’ve always been more accessible and have toured with bands like THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA or ENTER SHIKARI.

EM: We’ve recorded four songs. It was a really cool thing to do.

In an interview with Rocksound magazine you’ve mentioned that you are no longer part of the UK hardcore scene. What does that mean to you?

EM: We’ve always been part of it and we’ve got our roots in the UK hardcore scene. It’s tricky because…

SP: I wouldn’t say we’re not a part of it. But we spread our wings a little bit.

EM: But we don’t play hardcore in that way, we try to do different things. We’ve got our roots in hardcore but we progressed over the years.

Ed, you’ve been the singer for more than three years by now. What do you think? Are there still people longing for the old YOUR DEMISE?

SP: You can’t make everyone happy. There are always people complaining.

EM: I mean, I’m in the band for nearly as long as he has been. Some people have forgotten that there was an old singer, some do not even know that there was another singer. If people want the old YOUR DEMISE, I’m okay with that…

SP: … they are dickheads, haha!

Let’s talk about touring. What are the pros and cons of a touring lifestyle?

SP: You see a lot of places, but you’re always missing your family, girlfriends and friends at home.

EM: Having no money.

Are you still working?

EM: Yeah, I work in a shoe shop selling sneakers. I love sneakers, so that’s a cool job.

What was your favourite tour so far?

SP: It’s been so many by now. Our last European headline tour with STICK TO YOUR GUNS, BREAK EVEN and LETLIVE was amazing.

EM: I think we go into every tour with a positive attitude. I never had the experience of a bad time on tour. Of course there are times I’m like ‘I’m tired, I want to go home’, but it’s not like I hate it. It’s just temporary.

What are you going to do when YOUR DEMISE calls it a day?

EM: I’m becoming what I was supposed to do, becoming a hair dresser, haha.

SP: I don’t know, man. Maybe beating a dead horse, haha.

Text © by Sebastian Berning