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Interview with Singer, guitar player
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conversation with VIC FUENTES

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Post-Hardcore outfit PIERCE THE VEIL just released their third record, „Collide With Th Sky“. Singer, guitar player and mastermind VIC FUENTES answers some questions about the band newest output, touring and having his brother in the band.

What do you think are the main differences between Selfish Machines and your new record Collide With The Sky? VF: We took a lot more risks with this album and had lot more time and freedom to do what we wanted. We tried to make an record that was different than anything we've ever done and also different from any other bands out there as well. I put a lot of focus on the vocals on this new album and tried to improve my singing. I'm never too proud to say that I can always get better at something.

There are many guest spots on the new record. How did you get in touch with those singers? And which one is your favorite? I met Kellin (Quinn, SLEEPING WITH SIRENS - ed) through our fans on Twitter. We did a tour with LETLIVE., and that's how we met Jason Butler, and while we were recording "Collide With The Sky," Lindsey Stamey was recording an album with her band OH NO FIASCO! at the same time, so I just asked her while we were at the studio together. I don't have a favorite because they are all so different.

Fans have been asking for you to join forces with Kelin Quinn. This time you teamed up for a song. When did you guys get in touch and when did you get the idea to work with him? Was that just to make your fans happy or a decision you‘ve made yourself as a band? It was both actually. I had first heard Kellin on their „Punk Goes Pop“-cover and I really liked his voice. I guess our fans immediately associated us because we both have high vocals. I called up Kellin while we were recording and asked him if he would be willing to do a collaboration and he was totally down. We went back and forth via email and phone while he recorded his parts from a different studio near his home. It all worked out in the end and now we play the song everyday on Warped Tour.

You were working with Dan Korneff and Kato Khandwala. Why did you choose them to work with you on your record? What made them stand out? We based our decision 100% on the recommendation of our friends in MAYDAY PARADE. They had worked with both of them on previous albums and Dan had mixed their latest self-titled record, which I think is one of the best sounding albums I've ever heard. Their amazing work along with their reputation for being very hard-working, down to earth guys spoke for itself.

To me it seems like you‘ve structured the songs a little bit more. It‘s not that you‘ve got a truck load of ideas you put in one song anymore. Was that a goal for you as you began writing? That has always been a goal and a challenge of mine. Sometimes I just have so many ideas going through my head that I have to force myself not to put them all into one song, and choose the best parts that really count. I think we tried to find a healthy balance between all of the crazy ideas on this record.

How many songs did you write for that record? I‘ve read you wrote a lot of songs, more than you put on the final record. There are literally hundreds of songs and ideas on my hard drive. We try to write constantly so that when it coes time to record, we at least have a ton of ideas and skeletons to work with.

You told AP mag once that your third record might become a pop record. Obviously it‘s not. What happened? I honestly have no idea. We just wrote naturally and didn't force any style or vibe on ourselves. What ended up shaping the album was a bunch of songs that we felt the most confident about. It just so happens that they are all a little more rock than our previous albums. I think the important part is to push ourselves to try new things. This will create the most interesting results.

You‘re recorded a cover of Bruno Mars‘ hit single Just The Way You Are for the Pop Goes Pop series. What made you choose this track? I am just a big fan of Bruno Mars' voice. I think he sings with a lot of real soul and emotion. I really admire singers that can sing anything and make you feel it and believe it.

You haven‘t toured a lot in Europe. Other bands are over here quite a lot. Are you going to change that with the new touring cycle? And why are you coming over rarely? It is really expensive for us to tour in Europe, especially since we are just starting out over there and don't make a whole lot of money to pay for our flights and expenses. We want nothing more but to keep coming back and building our fan base though. This new album has created more of a demand than ever for us to travel so we will definitely be back more often.

There are two brothers in the band. Honestly: Is it a blessing or a curse to have a family member in the band? -t is really nice being in a band with my brother Mike. I love being able to share all of these amazing experiences with my family. I think that's why I rarely get homesick.

You‘ve got a lot of passionate fans all over the world. What was the weirdest thing a fan ever did for you? Well it was really weird when we went to Mexico, there was all kinds of random bootleg Pierce The Veil merch outside of the venue. I guess this isn't really a fan thing but it was stil really funny. At least now I own a Pierce The Veil coffe mug, haha!

What are you going to do when YOUR DEMISE calls it a day?

EM: I’m becoming what I was supposed to do, becoming a hair dresser, haha.

SP: I don’t know, man. Maybe beating a dead horse, haha.

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