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Bandinterview mit ACIDCELL

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ACIDCELL are a young band from Switzerland. They play their very own blend of metal, industrial, gothic and electro. Soon they are going to release their debut album Feelin‘ The Doom, which took two years from the start of recording to the finished product you will find at your local record store.


Please introduce yourselves.

We are the industrial metal band ACIDCELL from Switzerland. ACIDCELL is Anthony de Angelis (vocals), Michael Buzek (guitars), Buddah Craven (drums) and Martin Luzio (bass).


Where did you meet and how did you come together as the band ACIDCELL?

Michael: Buddah and me were searching for a good vocalist. Anthony was at Dave Snow‘s studio, whom we met a long time ago. Anthony was searching for a band, we were searching for a singer, we‘ve met and worked on two demo songs. It worked very well from the start! ACIDCELL was born and we began the pre-production of the record.


Which bands influenced you the most?

Buddah: We don‘t want to name any particular bands, because that may lead to comparison. The inspiration comes from sounds like metal, gothic, electro and industrial.


What was the recording process of your debut record like?

Buddah: It was very intensive work, we were hardly sleeping or meeting anyone else. We were very concentrated and worked the whole day in the studio. For the recording of the instruments we hired Dave Snow. We knew him since a long time and that‘s why we could focus on the recording.

Anthony: It was a big wish of mine to work with Hiili Hiilesmaa. We tracked the vocals in Finland. The atmosphere and the melancholy of the countryside really pushed me.


You hired Mike Fraser for the album‘s mix. He worked with rockstars like AEROSMITH or SLIPKNOT. How did it come that he worked with a band like you?

Michael: Mike was on our list from the start. We wanted to get an analogue mix. We contacted Mike and sent him two songs which we already recorded. He liked ACIDCELL and that‘s how we got in touch and worked together. Buddah and I flew to Vancouver to Mike‘s Warehouse Studio and you can listen to the final result on Ocotber 26th.


You recorded Feelin‘ The Doom two years ago. So why didn‘t you release it earlier?

Buddah. After completing the record, we finally seachred for other musicans for the band. We do everything ourselves literally. The booklet was designed by Anthony for example. Well, we could have released the record earlier but we wanted to have the perfect partner for this, which we found in our label Echozone.


I took a look at your homepage and recognized that you don‘t play a lot of shows. Will you start to tour properly after the release of Feelin‘ The Doom?

Buddah: Exactly! Mostly bands get together, play a bunch of shows and record a CD. We did it the other way round. The did the record, found bandmembers and then we started to play some shows. But we will tour next year.


You‘re still a young band. Could you name some high- and some lowlights of your career?

Michael: The workd with Mike and Hiili was great. As well as we played some shows with GOTHMINISTER, these are unforgetable moments. Of course there were some lowlights, like working with someone but you have to cancel the collobaration, because it just didn‘t work out. But if you look back, it‘s these decisions that pushed the band forwards.


Are you still working or are you focusing on the band?

Luzio: I think it‘s the same as with any other young band. We can‘t make a living out of music yet, but we don‘t do this for the money. We don‘t work at a bank, we are musicians.


What will follow the release of Feelin‘ The Doom?

Michael: At the moment we‘ve got a lot of promo stuff going on. And we are booking dates for a tour as well as we‘re planing our first video shoot. We are working on new songs, too.

What are you going to do when YOUR DEMISE calls it a day?

EM: I’m becoming what I was supposed to do, becoming a hair dresser, haha.

SP: I don’t know, man. Maybe beating a dead horse, haha.

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