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Heavy Metal an Rhein und Ruhr

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Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen

Heavy Metal Reviews

(Date: 04/13/2012) PARKWAY DRIVE still tour to support their most recent record, 2010’s “Deep Blue”. Again they play at Oberhausen’s Turbinenhalle in front of almost 3000 fans. Along with them they chose THE GHOST INSIDE, MISS MAY I and CONFESSION as support acts. CONFESSION from Australia is the first band to enter the stage. Therefore the venue is nearly sold out a lot of people attend as they begin their set with Asthma Attack. Ex-I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN-vocalist Michael Crafter’s new outfit seems to be in a very good shape today for they get the crowd so sing-along and move around. They put their setlist’s focus on their recent output “The Long Way Home” and play such delicate tunes as I Created This Horror, Heartless or the great Hopeless/Confused. But they deliver also some tracks of their first record “Cancer”, but no tracks of their debut ep “Can’t Live, Can’t Breathe” are brought to the table. CONFESSION deliver a real good show today, but it’s unfortunate somehow that their cover of LIMP BIZKIT’s classic song Break Stuff gets the most reaction from the crowd.
Up next are MISS MAY I. The metalcore-crew from America are the perfect balance of the tour’s line-up. They combine the heavy breakdowns of THE GHOST INSIDE and CONFESSION with a lot of metal like PARKWAY DRIVE. To be honest the band was never my cup of tea. Though, the five-piece really tries to convince the audience. Their singer encourages the crowd to move more and more. Most of the people seem to know a song or two by MISS MAY I, but to me it’s like CONFESSION could convince more people. The following band does not need to convince anybody anymore. THE GHOST INSIDE is on top of their game. Their still recent studio effort “The Returners” got great reviews and fans all over the world dig their two records. Even during their intro the crowd gets wild and as the band starts with Greater Distance there is a huge moshpit right in the middle of the venue. People’s arms are waving, bodies are moving and more than a thousand throats are screaming along to tracks as Chrono, Provoke, Overlook or the phenomenal smash hit Unspoken, which gained them a lot of popularity in the scene. With that song THE GHOST INSIDE end their 35 minutes set and leave the stage for the headliner.

Parkway Drive with The Ghost Inside, Miss May I and Confession

With the furious Unrest PARKWAY DRIVE kick off their show. The audience gets wild since second one. And it gets wilder and wilder with every following song. But what else could you expect? Boneyards (most brutal breakdown of today’s whole show), Karma, Sleepwalker or Deliever Me are households of a good PARKWAY DRIVE concert. The only sad thing about the gig is that there are only two songs taken off their debut “Killing With A Smile”. But there is a new song played to their fans, which makes everybody want more new stuff from Australia’s finest metalcore band. After the encore which consists of Carrion the five-piece leaves the stage after a great show and the houselights turn on.

(Dec/29/2010) This year’s „Imperial Clothing Never Say Die Tour“ gives the audience the propably best line-up in it’s four year history. With 2007’s headliners PARKWAY DRIVE and COMEBACK KID it’s a familiar line-up but with BLEEDING THROUGH, YOUR DEMISE, WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH and today’s first band WE CAME AS ROMANS there are a few bands which have never been on this tour. Tonight they are playing in the big Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen in front of almost 3000 kids.

(Date: 11/14/2013) Vans Off The Wall Music Nights is just another rock tour sponsored by the shoe brand. The same time Vans‘ Warped Tour is coming to some European cities this fall, the Music Nights are taking place. PARKWAY DRIVE is a perfect headliner for metalcore-tours. But the support bands are far more interesting, because they haven‘t play everywhere in Europe for countless times.
I‘m excited to finally see LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES, but due to Duesseldorf‘s evening traffic and the bad parking lot situation of the venue I can only hear the band‘s last notes as I‘m still standing outside the Stahlwerk.